Think of it as a swap shop for internet promotion - where like-minded people help each other to get more exposure for themselves or their products, services, or causes. Whether you are a band trying to get more fans for your Facebook page, or a business trying to get more traffic to their website, a social exchange is the place to be.

Please spread the word to your friends and contacts and invite them to join, the more people who join this promotion party the bigger the result for everyone. You can even earn cash and more credits doing it! It's so easy - just point them to us using your affiliate refer link (log in and click the Affiliate link at the top of your admin page)
The concept couldn't be simpler - it works on the old principle of you scratch my back I'll scratch yours On a social media exchange its more a case of I like your pages and you like mine, I follow you on Twitter , you follow me and so on, but multiplied by many times over.

The programming to make this happen across many social networks is actually quite complex , but we hope we have made it look and feel incredibly easy, with straight forward screens and a nice cheerful layout so everyone can join in.
Yes very definitely - we offer very generous rewards for introducing new members using your affiliate links and banners - on top of your Bonus Credits we pay a cash fee for every referred, registered and active signup, and offer a great percentage sales commission on their purchases from Fan4Fans. Check the Affiliates and login pages for details of current commissions, your affiliate refer link and promotional tools.

Competitor social exchange sites - please see separate FAQ regarding eligability for cash and commission payments...

Please read Terms of Service for full details of affiliate terms.
Yes you can. Once you got the minimum total of needed coins, you can exchange them to 1$ and you can use your credit balance for buy VIP Account, Coins and all type of services present on our SHOP page
The number of hits/likes views on your pages depends on many factors over which we have no control including: the numbers of members active, the level you have set your CPC, numbers of credits you have, the country where you site is located, and whether members want to like/view/follow etc.

Because most our members are from the English speaking community an English language mainstream interest website is likely to get a much better response rate than say a niche specialism page in Japanese or Arabic.

Unlike many competitors we don't use any bots or automation to falsely like pages - likes are from real people who have the power of choice. If your site looks trashy or spammy they will probably skip it. A well designed mainstream page or site is likely to get fast/many likes.
Owners of competitor social exchanges or social marketing sites should contact us before registering and we will be happy to discuss the possibility of reciprocal arrangements for mutual benefit.

If you register and add your pages without contacting us you risk your pages and account being banned by our software or manual reviewers - so talk to us, we are very reasonable and if you are an established and popular exchange or service we are usually very happy to do a deal

Please note that competitors are only eligible for only referral credits, NOT for referral cash and commission payouts unless previously agreed and confirmed in writing by us.

Referral link pages, banners, or forwarders to competitor exchanges are not permitted by any members. Any such pages or banners will be removed - no credits or refunds.
Yes as far as reasonably possible, we use secure data servers for your information hosted by one of the world's leading reputable hosting companies, no data is physically handled or held in paper form. We will never disclose or pass on your information to any third party unless required by due process of law.
CashForView complies with social networks policies at the time of writing.

Our social exchange adds hits likes and followers organically and naturally over a period of time. These arrive from real people, our members, not from Fans4Fans (though of course every page gets a like from us too!) so the promotion has the same result pattern as from traditional marketing.

Using a social media exchange like CashForView is a much more sensible and safer option for increasing your social presence.
Yes, definitely - in fact we recommend it! Go to the Affiliates page for tools to quickly insert your affiliate link into the most popular traffic exchanges to maximise your referral, commission, and credits earnings.

Please note we do not permit referral link use on Pay To Click (PTC) or auto-click generation sites.
Yes, we have no objection but some Social Exchanges prohibit links to competitors in their terms and conditions so please check their terms first to avoid any problems.
Sorry we don't give refunds of credits or cash for any page, site, banner that is blocked, banned or breaks our terms of service. Or for any member banned for trying to cheat.
No, we have recently had to restrict accounts to one per person/IP to help prevent cheating attempts. A perfect example of the few spoiling it for the many - to those legitimate people who share a computer and had a genuine need for a separate account we say sorry.

Each page/site/banner can only be added once per account to avoid duplication.